elcome to the website of Matt-Yuko, the Perth-based brow specialist dubbed the Eyebrow King.

For the past 7 years Matt-Yuko has been actively involved in raising money for people in need with a total of $123, 915 raised.  One Tuesday a month all money taken from brow makeovers and any Matt-Yuko products sold is put towards the appeal. A total of $53, 915 was raised over four years for Telethon, followed by his visit to the poor villages in South Vietnam in 2012 where he distributed $15,000 amongst 50 families and one orphanage. Since 2013 until present, Matt-Yuko has continued with his Vietnam Tuesdays but has ventured off in a slightly different direction.  Focus has been put on raising money to purchase a two bedroom apartment for a family in Vietnam-We are pleased to announce the apartment has since been completed and was presented to the proud family in December 2014. 

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